Authorities assistance

 in order to obtain them, the technical information supplied by the manufacturer in the technical conditions manual has to be known.

  1. All crystalline silicon panels must comply with the UNE-EN 61215 specifications and also all thin film photovoltaic panels must comply with the UNE-EN 61646 specifications, as well as being certified by any recognized laboratory, for example, Laboratorio de Energía Solar Fotovoltaica del Departamento de Energías Renovables (CIEMAT), Joint Research Centre Ispra, etc. This requirement will be accredited by means of presentation of the corresponding official certificate.
  2. The panel will visibly and indelibly display the model, name or logo of the manufacturer, and the serial number, traceable from the date of manufacturing, which allows its individual identification.
  3. The maximum power and the real short circuit current of the panels 5%+/- photovoltaic referred to CEM must be in the range margin of the corresponding catalogue’s nominal values.
  4. When continuous nominal tensions are greater than 48 V, the generator’s structure and the metallic frames of the panels will be connected to an earth wire, which will be the same one for the rest of the installation.
The necessary elements for the disconnection will be installed, independently and in both terminals, in each one of the generator’s branches.

Non certified panels…

It will have to be duly justified and documentation on tests to which these panels have been subjected will have to be provided. In any case, any product that does not comply with any of the above mentioned specifications will have to be expressly approved by the IDAE. In all cases current regulations are compulsory.