Digital Photogrammetric Station «Delta»

Provides creation/revision digital maps and orthophotos from raster images.


The photogrammetric station is based on a standard Intel-compatible computer working on Windows 98/ME/2000/XP system. The software supports video modes from 1024x768xHiColor to 1600x1200xTrueColor.

Can work with stereoscope (split screen mode) or OpenGL 3D-shutters (page flipping mode).

The station provides a fixed floating mark and scrollable images in split-screen mode; this functionality does not require any special hardware support.

Users can move the floating mark with a classic handwheels/footdisk combination and/or with the mouse.

Stereoscope or stereo shutter glasses can be used for observation.

One micron encoders and 3D digitize with subpixel accuracy.